Data Mining, Programming, Python

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Natural Language Processing

Speech to Text

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Natural Language Processing

Guide to various NLP tasks using the spaCy library

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Deep Learning, Programming

Showcasing an easy way to build a custom image dataset using google images and Bing image downloader

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Machine Learning

Average Word2Vec and TF-IDF Word2Vec

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Data Science

A simple explanation to containerization with Docker

Speech to Text

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How does Speech recognition work?

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Recommending similar books based on book description and name

Content-based recommendation system

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Data Science, Python

Handy Python libraries for data science

1. Numerizer


!pip install numerizer


#importing numerize library
from numerizer import numerize
#examplesprint(numerize(‘Eight fifty million’))
print(numerize(‘one two three’))
print(numerize(‘Fifteen hundred’))
print(numerize(‘Three hundred and Forty five’))
print(numerize(‘Six and one quarter’))
print(numerize(‘Jack is having fifty million’))

Things I’ve learned in the real world about Data science

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Understanding the business problem

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